Work in Progress 'Monomateriality'- a sustainable strategy that requires to use one material throughout the whole design process.

Sample Project. 

This brand name derived from the ideology of on of the Ted 10 sustainable design strategies, 'Design to Minimise Waste/ Cyclability.'

'The yarn used within the collection is a plastic derived yarn- monofilament. Taking main consumer and community waste material (plastic) and using that one material in various ways to create an array of fabric properties and textures, many uses derived from one. This collection focuses on the idea of reusing waste and turning it into something innovative and wearable. The term 'waste' is seen to be ugly and dirty, whereas this collection reforms the idea, in turn, changes the perspective of waste into something more clean and clinical with soft tones and light colours. The collection looks at the idea of layering, compacting, encasing, blurring, translucency and folding. These samples can be as one, or layered onto of one another to create an interchangeable ideology of fantasy fashion sports style.

I was inspired from my previous project 'BioStep' utilising the idea of homemade bioplastics. This is a personal ongoing innovation to be developed and used in my future work. I have been experimenting with different plastic formulas and consistencies to create a plastic material that is naturally biodegradable, home made, free of harmful chemicals and reduces waste.'